Friday, 5 September 2014

When and why use RDF (from RES project by BBC, Jisc and BUFVC)

From the technical documentation of this very interesting project you can find here :

Why does RES use RDF?

RDF isn’t necessarily the simplest way of expressing some data
about something, and that means it’s often not the first choice for
publishers and consumers. Often, an application consuming some
data is designed specifically for one particular dataset, and so its
interactions are essentially bespoke and comparatively easy to

RES, by nature, brings together a large number of different structured
datasets, describing lots of different kinds of things, with a need for a
wide range of applications to be able to work with those sets in a
consistent fashion.

At the time of writing (ten years after its introduction), RDF’s use of
URIs as identifiers, common vocabularies and data types, inherent
flexibility and well-defined structure means that is the only option for
achieving this.

Thanks for this, I will use it in my Linked Data speech! :)

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